How To Reduce Weight Quickly

How To Reduce Weight Quickly The Safe And Healthy Way, That Is What I Intend To Teach You Along With A Wealth of Health And Nutritional Facts And Fiction! That Is My Promise To You!

How To Reduce Weight QuicklyOn this site, you will learn how to reduce weight quickly and I will teach you how to lose weight slowly. I will show you how to lose weight in two weeks or in two days and I will show you how to lose weight in two months and over the course of two years.

Are you confused yet?

If so then I have proved my point. This is exactly what the weight loss industry relies upon, confusion! You have all been a part of its ridiculous game plan, one-week red meat will kill you, and the next week red meat will solve all your health problems.

Don’t eat chocolate it will make you fat! If you want healthier skin, lower blood pressure, and improved regulation of insulin levels make sure you eat some chocolate every day.

ZERO alcohol! Alcohol will make you fat and kill you from the inside out. Make sure you drink a glass of red wine every night as this will reduce your risk of heart attacks and lower your blood pressure.

Come on now, isn’t enough, enough already? It is not only the weight loss industry, which happens to be a $72 Billion a year industry, it is also our own government.

How To Reduce Weight Quickly Question: Do we really need or want our government to decide what we should add to our diet? I sure hope you all said NO! I mean think about, everything the government sticks their nose into gets all messed up as it is so we certainly do not need them posing as nutrition experts.

So, Will, You Learn How To Reduce Weight Quickly On This Site?

The short answer is YES!

You probably want to know who I am and what qualifies me as an instructor on how to reduce weight quickly in a safe and healthy way.

Well, at the moment I am a 45-year-old disabled retired Professional Boxer, Wholesale Florist Business owner, Health Club owner, licensed Dietitian, and Personal Trainer.

About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder so I now breathe through a 13 mm hole in my neck, I feed myself by injecting liquid nutrition into the permanent feeding port in my belly and I am glued to my home like a hermit due to a severe movement disorder and violent seizures. And Unfortunately for me, I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer which has spread to my lower intestine so I am currently undergoing chemo and radiation treatments.

How To Reduce Weight Quickly Confession: I kind of lied to you about who I am. Yes, all I wrote above is true BUT I refuse to allow that to define me as a person. Despite all my disabilities I still do as much as I can to be productive and to remain healthy.

I still have plenty of clients from my Personal Training business that I write meal plans for and I have a small following from some other websites I have other than this one on How To Reduce Weight Quickly.

I have dedicated my life to helping others and I am 100% committed to helping those with both physical (health, fitness, and nutrition) and personal development issues.

How To Reduce Weight Quickly This Site’s Purpose!

I have other sites that deal with specific topics such as weight training and physical fitness, personal development, and building and maintaining a positive attitude. However, this site is about helping my readers with their weight loss issues and healthy methods on how to reduce weight quickly.

I am not always an advocate for quick weight loss although I do have plenty of experience when it comes to knowing how to reduce weight quickly. Having been a Professional Boxer for nearly 12 years there were times when I would have to drop as much as 15 to 20 lbs. in a matter of a few days and in many cases if I had failed to lose the weight I would have been out a $100,000 payday or more.

Although I would not say that losing the weight as quickly as I did in many cases was the best route to take and it is certainly not the methods I will be advocating on this site: How To Reduce Weight Quickly.

I can promise you this, every program, product, health supplement, or service that I recommend on this site will be one that I know is effective, safe, and healthy. I will not recommend any type of product, program, or service that I have not personally researched to the fullest extent.

In many cases, the products you will find on this site:  How To Reduce Weight Quickly have not only been researched AND used by myself and or my wife I have also had my clients put them to the test. I just want you to feel 100% comfortable with the advice I share with you.

How To Reduce Weight Quickly Without Jeopardizing Your Health!

Health and fitness is the one thing that had defined me for better than half my life. I would not say that it “Defines” me any longer but it certainly plays a major role in my everyday life. I take the issue very seriously and I am thankful that I still have this one service that I can still effectively help others with.

This site is obviously focused on helping people to learn how to reduce weight quickly but I will have other means of healthy weight loss posted on here as well. You will find a number of articles that deal with specific nutritional facts and some fitness tips and advice.

How To Reduce Weight Quickly: Why Build This Website?

Why would I put up a site to help teach people how to reduce weight quickly? That is a good question and I have a simple but very truthful answer.

Every day there are thousands of people that scour the Internet in search of that magic pill and I would like to give them the option to use weight loss programs, diet aids, or weight loss and health supplements that I know are safe.

There are legitimate reasons for people having the need to know how to reduce weight quickly, some are vain and some are a matter of circumstance. It may be a wedding date that came up a little too quickly or a 20-year class reunion.

Whatever the case may be I wanted to give as many people as I can the chance to use some of the safe and healthy weight loss programs that I know will be beneficial and not just another weight loss industry “cash cow” junk product.

The bottom line is if you need to learn how to reduce weight quickly you can rest assured that you have found the right website created by someone who cares, The Personal Trainer!